Our company keeps on touring non-stop with its beloved LOST DOG!

We would like to highlight two important dates: the International Puppet Fair of Seville and the International Festival of Puppetry, Object and Visual Theatre in Granada.

In Seville, we will be performing on 19 & 20th of may in some of the main venues of the festival: Alameda de Hércules. In Granada, the Alhambra Theatre will host our shanty in the three performances of the 25th of may.


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LOST DOG will take part of la Mostra d’Igualada the 14 and 15th of April, a key meeting place for performing arts professionals and a great opportunity to show our work.

The performances will take place at 10:00, 12:00 & 17:30h (14th April) and at 11:00 & 13:00h (15th April) at the space l’Escorxador (Pati).

We would also like to invite you to celebrate our 15th anniversary in the Espai Aniversari.


More information in the website:

We invite you to howl with our lost dog!

From the 21st till the 24th of January, our company will participate in the 30th edition of the Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg – IKF – (Germany). Our show A-TA-KA! has been selected to be performed in such an event with many professionals taking part. IKF is one of the most relevant Culture Fairs in Europe, where the highlight are the Street Arts.

2018 comes together with good news: Our company has taken part in the Program of the La Laboral Theatre in Gijón (Spain). During the 14th and 15th Of January our shanty has been set up in the stage, inviting the audience to explore the nooks and crannies of the scenic space.

We are very excited of being back in Gijón with our show LOST DOG after having received the award as “Best Show in unconventional space” in FETEN 2017.

Stay tuned!: we will update our agenda soon to howl together.

On November, the 18th, the International Puppet Festival of Murcia will be hosting 3 performances of LOST DOG.

Our shanty will be set up in Villa de Molina Theatre:


This festival intends to promote a great offer of innovative and challenging shows between Murcia spectators, by trying to program artistic productions which are quite infrequent within most theatre programmes.

We’ll be waiting for you to howl together!

Cal y Canto welcomes Autumn with an intense tour over festivals like TNT KIDS (Terrasa Noves Tendències- Catalonia), Puppet Festival of Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona), Teatre Atrium Viladecans…where the company will be performing LOST DOG (awarded as Best Show in unconvenional space FETEN 2017)

We would like to highlight TNT Festival as a meeting point of performing arts professionals and as a promotion event of the contemporary creation. This edition has a special schedule aimet at children and families:  http://www.tnt.cat/tnt-espectacles/lost-dog/


With the flavour of our last performances with LOST DOG and the unique experiences with the audience, we invite you to follow our track: https://www.facebook.com/Cal-y-Canto-Teatro-221917957890255/?pnref=about.overview

“Beautiful, there are no words to describe it … a poetic work, an unusual and personal perspective which has amazed the audience” (Artistic Directors of Festikale, Basque Country, September 2017)

The summer wind has blown to carry us to Hamburg (Germany) and Craiova (Romania).

Our company performs “A-TA-KA!” in these two cities with such an important tradition in street arts. We have focused in invading performing spaces to amaze the audience with our battalion of flying animals.

This year our international tour receives public support from the National Stage Arts and Music Institute (INAEM).

During June and July we keep on touring with our show LOST DOG.

We have visited Castellón and Valencia (Spain) within the International Festival Tercera Setmana, an important meeting for all different artistic disciplines.

The only performances which will take place in our Region Castilla y León will be in Artescena Festival on July, the 8 and 9th.

Picture by: Vicente A. Jimenez (Tercera Setmana Festival, Valencia, Spain)

On May, the 28th, the company will perform its show LOST DOG in the renowned international festival of puppetry “Ciudad de Cádiz”, which reaches this year its 34th edition.

Please be welcome to our shack, placed in the “BALUARTE DE LA CANDELARIA”, and with performances at 13:00, 18:00 & 20:00h.


We’ll be waiting for you to howl together!



LOST DOG has been awarded as BEST SHOW in unconventional space in FETEN 2017.




The participation of our company in the European Performing Arts Fair for Children (FETEN) in Gijón has been very productive. Besides the warm reception from the professional audience, this award means a great support for such an innovative show.