New Creation


Through a forgotten photographic reel, a daughter reconstructs her family album, discovering the exact moment when his parents met. An emotional journey in exile that cross borders and ends at the exact time of his birth.

An intimate staging that begins in a developing room, where the memories we thought were lost are still found.

An unexpected trip home leads a daughter to revisit the photographs her mother took in her youth. Finding out the exact moment his parents met.
A journey in exile that ride parallels and comes together at the exact moment of his birth.
Family Photo, almost without words, is a journey that takes us back in time through a photographic film.
An intimate staging that begins in a dark developing room. A tribute to analog photography, which surround the viewer in a hectic journey. Where the youngest viewers and adults will find captivating echoes of their own lives.
Direction and staging: Marcos Castro
Performers: Ana Ortega, Sofia Gómez and Marcos Castro
Lighting design: Julio Cordero
Production assistants: Laura de Vera and Edu Sánchez
Production: Cal y Canto Theater
Family Photo ©calycantoteatro
Family Photo ©calycantoteatro
Family Photo ©calycantoteatro
Family Photo ©calycantoteatro