The air is wild, almost crazy. Exciting like a sound you’d never heard. A bang of buzz reveals the green, the flowers and the sun to a mournful group of young people that lives in a lush garden without raising the look from their mirrors.

Prisoners of an anxious and enthusiast excitement, they elevate their elegant path, they raise like weightless animals.

When the sky is clear, each rumor changes again. And in the deep cavity of the ear, there are subtle sighs of freedom.

THE WIND GARDEN suggests the recovery of the public space through the dance, the gestures, the well kept music atmosphere and the handling of big flying objects. A handcrafted job made by the company that invites us to look at the clear sky with new energy and joy. ¡An unforgettable party in the garden!

Creation: Marcos Castro and Ana Ortega

Direction: Ana Ortega

Produced in collaboration with: European capital Of Culture Plovdiv (Bulgaria) 2019, Junta Castilla y León (Spain).