We are happy to announce that “LOST DOG…PERRO PERDIDO” forms part of the first Assitej Spain Circuit!

The play has been selected along with others interesting scenic proposals; I am proud to share this program with admired colleagues.

The Assitej circuit is meant to promote and encourage the programming of quality proposals aimed at young people. Also enhance state territorial collaboration and stimulate the emergence of synergies and relationships that contribute to the strengthening and appreciation of the performing arts sector for children and young people.

Cal y Canto has presented the show LOST DOG…PERRO PERDIDO at the 34th Luaga und Losna International Festival. This is the premiere of the show in Austria, which has received an excellent reception among the public and professionals specialized in theater for young audiences.

Subsequently, the company has actively participated in the ‘19th Symposium Theater & Bild & Ton’, an enriching meeting with choreographers, musicians, visual artists and critics.  There, a complete analysis of the work “LOST DOG… PERRO PERDIDO” was carried out: the creation process, the scenographic mechanisms, motivations, history of the company, etc.

With this festival, the company ends this year’s international tour, which has taken its works to Poland, Romania and Austria.

More news coming soon!

The play LOST DOG…PERRO PERDIDO kicks off the company’s international tour this July. That will bring the creations of Cal y Canto to Poland, Romania, Austria…

The first stop is the FETA festival in Gdansk (Poland), one of the flagship street theater festivals in Europe. With great recognition worldwide for the large number of audience it hosts, the diversity of outdoor scenic spaces and unconventional shows that surprise the audience.

The company participated at the festival in the 2009 edition. It returns this time with LOST DOG…PERRO PERDIDO to welcome and move the festival crowd, always receptive and open.

We are wishing to howl!  Zagubiony pies odnajduje swój dom w Gdańsku!

The peculiar battalion of A-TA-KA! will take the streets and skies of Mislata (Valencia) on May 14 at 7:00 p.m. in the Plaza Mayor.

The VIII edition of the Mislata Al Carrer Festival has an excellent programming with leading companies from all over the country. We are happy to be part of this great meeting with Street Arts!

The play «LOST DOG…PERRO PERDIDO» is the  piece chosen for the first edition of the Family Theater Festival «El Regachón». The passes will be at 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

With this appointment, the company kicks off the spring and summer tour that it will bring precious gatherings and important festivals. And of course, we expect memorable moments with the public.

We wait for you to howl!

The peculiar battalion of A-TA-KA! prepares to flow through the streets! The December 10th in Cigales (Valladolid) and on Sunday 12nd in Arrasate (Gipuzkoa).

We invite all the beholders to raise their gaze at the sky, dance and let themselves be surprised from a different point of view: The Air.