We are deligthted to present The Wind Garden video! New performance for open spaces.

Recorded in the historical garden “The Forest”. Béjar (Salamanca, Spain)

Our company will be under lock and key (a cal y canto in Spanish) for the next months. We are full of excitement to concentrate all our efforts in the new creations in which we have been working since a long time ago.

We are full of excitement to concentrate all our efforts in the new creations in which we have been working since long time ago.

We hope that you do not forget us during these months. Of course, all of you are invited to join us and stimulate our imagination.

In the meantime, our office is still working and our phones are open to your suggestions and your proposals of meetings and tour schedule.

On Saturday, the 14th (at 17:30h) and Sunday, the 15th ( at 12 & 17:30h) of December, LOST DOG will visit the Theatre Sala Carme in Valencia and more specifically the Festival Escena V within the Contemporary Performing Arts Circuit, coordinated by the Alternative Theaters Network.

An excellent program of one of the spaces with a largest career in Valencia. These shows will be the latest ones in the 2019’s tour of the company. It has been and intense tour, full of exciting meetings, which has offered us the possibility of meeting the best renowned professionals in the performing arts of our country.

It has been both a surprise and a chance that has made us howl even more strongly. We wait for you in Valencia!


Cal y Canto Teatro will take part with LOST DOG in the theatre festival Sevilla Fest. The shows will be the 6 & 7th of December in the yard of the School of Performing Arts in Seville, both days at 18h.

After this month of October, full of trips, emotions and long-awaited festivals in Santander, Tunbridge Wells (U.K), Gandia, Zaragoza, Barcelona…LOST DOG is back home.

The only performance in our hometown (in Burgos in 2019) will take place in Casa Cultura Gamonal at 17, 18:30 and 20h with a larger capacity of our shanty (75 people) for this special event.

Save the date and come to howl with us!