“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”  (Leonard Cohen)

Our characters travel trough the dark, hidden, while moving in the shadows. We do not know who they are, we do not know where they come from. They dream of the cities of light, some iridescent dots on the map and their only destination.

Their stories intersect with the audience ones, making spectators feel vulnerable and getting them involved in the trip.

Together we will dodge all kinds of borders. Beside our characters, the great adventure of being alive is more palpable and bloody, but more miraculous and beautiful.

Are we capable of such a risky venture?

Premiere: 2008. Festival Internacional de Teatro de Calle de Lekeitio (Euskadi).

New premiere: Season 2016.

Creation: Ana Ortega and Marcos Castro.

Direction and Dramaturgy: Marcos Castro.

Video: David Castro.